Fighting Complacency: 5 Reasons Why Investors Should Reassess Their Allocations Today

Following a tough year in 2022, when investors could not catch a break amid unrelenting macro headwinds, the equity market momentum in 2023 has been a welcome reprieve. The U.S. market has led the way, with the Russell 1000 posting healthy year-to-date gains through the end of August. Global equities, lifted by developed markets, have increased, and some bond indexes have even posted positive results on the year.

The market’s boost to retirement accounts has eased the worries of many investors. But, when markets are up, anxiety is often replaced by complacency, which sometimes can be more detrimental to successful investing than hypervigilance. New risks and opportunities arise with any market swing, and the headwinds that drove markets down in 2022 haven’t completely abated.

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