Glad I Did vs Wish I Had

Published by Paul West

We’ve all been there. Something we wanted to do in our lives we let time go by and we missed it. Family trip. Drink with a friend. Kid’s school program.

Why does this happen? It’s simple. I’ve experienced it too. We end up always trying to do too much. Too much for our work. Too much for our family. Too much for our friends. Too much for charity. At the end of the day, we run out of time for what we want to do.

How many of you sacrifice exercise because there’s not enough time in the day? However, on those days when you get a chance to exercise, you feel so good. Your spirit and energy levels are raised and you often accomplish more.

I have encountered a lot of people that exhaust themselves with activities. My challenge to you is this: How are you defining your life?


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Are you living life the way you want to? I’m not saying you need a radical life change. I am saying you need to find little wins that make you feel and say, “I’m glad I did!”


– Sunday night dinner with family

– Meeting old friend for a drink

– Sitting down and playing a game (non-electronic) with your kids

This is Wealth Designed. Life Defined. Living life by actually doing what you want to do.

Phones, iPads and electronic devices consume our lives. I recently sat down and played cards with my kids. Yes, actual playing cards, not solitaire or poker on the iPad. The conversation and interaction that occurred was a Life Defined moment. While everyone was hesitant at first, they all had a blast. And most importantly, I did too.

Make sure you carve out time to do what you want. I’d love to hear what simple things you do to make your life more Defined. Shoot me a note. I’d be happy to share more of mine too.

Glad I Did vs Wish I Had | Contact a Carson Wealth Advisor

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